Some miscellaneous info for the trip this August

Possible boat assignments. These aren’t fixed, but possibilities, to let people think about what they might like to do on the trip.

Yellow Jaguar - Trevor and Lori. The raft that we bought when we were first invited on a Grand Canyon trip where we could take our kids.
Red Ocelot - David - see movie at the bottom of this page about the seat. The boat is stable enough to stand up and move around while on the water. And it has space for Maddie as an alternate rower.
Jagurundi - Sara and Gary. This is the boat that Gary rowed on the Skagit. Also known as 'the sweetest boat on the Grand Canyon!'
Blue Ocelot - Owen (sorry, no glaciers on this trip). There would be room for Calvin on this raft and it's a fun one to row! You can take turns rowing and paddling the packraft. This is the one that Meg rowed solo down the Grand Canyon.
River Cat - Meg and Pete
Playboats - the packraft (on the right) and an inflatable kayak (IK) (not shown)
Shows the high-back seat (which will be fastened down). A regular low-back seat is also an option.