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Green River

  • Flaming Gorge Reservoir – height, input and discharge. This is the reservoir upstream of Deso/Gray. It provides most of the water of the river. It’s been running about 850 cfs for most of July, 2021. It is reported to be increasing to 1310 cfs for possibly the rest of the summer and maybe through September, due to provisions of the Drought Response Operations Agreement (DROA).
  • Flow at Jensen, Utah – a bit less than 100 miles downstream of Flaming Gorge. There is not a lot of change between this and the section that we run.
  • Flow of Yampa – free-flowing tributary of the Green. This river is what causes the huge variation in Green River flows. There is no dam on the Yampa. During peak snowmelt, it’s *high*. During late summer, it’s *low*. Ranges from above 40,000 cfs to below 70 cfs.
  • Flow of Green River at town of Green River takeout. We’ve run it at 2000 cfs – low and slow, but ‘adequate’. BLM says that you can get down the rapids at 800 cfs, but it’s going to be a lot of ‘lake’ miles in between the rapids. I’m expecting flows of about 1400 cfs in August (and September??) – see document listed above in Flaming Gorge.
  • Weather at Duchesne – a little higher (and cooler?) than the put-in
  • Weather at Green River – hottest point on the trip
  • BLM has evidently had questions about what Deso/Gray is like these days. They have published a ‘fact sheet
  • Permit status (have people been cancelling?) Usually, the river is booked solid for the entire summer. At last glance, there have been 4-5 open days per week!

Grand Canyon

Washington State