A number of years ago, we were preparing for a Grand Canyon trip where one of our trip members was a doctor. We decided it was time to upgrade our first aid and consulted with her a bit. This is what we came up with along with packing it into two ‘regular’ ammo cans, with a bit of redundancy between the two cans. We packed items in 1-gallon ziplocks to help in organization.

Some of the medications are by prescription – but you might be able to get them from your doctor.

Please use this as one example only and make your own decisions as to what you wish to bring.

Can 1 – YellowCan 2 – White
Bag 1 – SurgeryBag 1A – Splints
Betadine – LidocaneAce Bandage
Syringes – ClampTape, Razor
NeedlesSam, Finger splints
Bag 3 – Large gauze squares
Bag 2 – gloves2×2 and 4×4
Bag 3 – Large gauze squares
2×2 and 4×4Bag 4 – Gauze
Alcohol Pads
Bag 4 – Gauzenon-stick pads
Alcohol Padseyedrops
non-stick pads
TegadermBag 5 – Bandaids
Bag 5 – Bandaids
BacitracinBag 6 – Pills – (partial)
MoleskinTums – Tylenol
Immodium – ABX
Bag 6 – PillsBenadryl
Tums – TylenolSudafed
Immodium – ABXIbuprofin
SudafedBag 7 – Rx
IbuprofinCephalexin – bacterial infections
Neo/Poly/HC – Ear infections
Oxycod/Apap – for pain
Promethazine – coughing and nausea
Phenadoz – nausea and vomiting
EpiPenMetronidazole – infections
MatchesCiprofloxacin – bacterial infections
Signal MirrorAmoxicillin – toothache infections
Burn Kit
Wilderness 1st Aid BookSnakebite Kit
Monistat Yeast Infection
Triangle Bandage