updated: 1/21/2019 [actually, in the process of updating]

I’ve been involved with cross-country skiing and the computer interface to high school ski results ever since I had to call in the start lists to the poor parent volunteers who had to write every skiers name by hand 4 times, every week in 1982. This site has basic procedures for new coaches, as well as some hints for more efficient data manipulation for those returning.  But if you are a new coach and want the latest information, the most important thing to do is to make sure that you are on the NSAA coaches distribution email list.

While this is a private site, hosted by me, I believe that the pages are appropriate to use for the year that they are posted (I’m the one who set up the startlist spreadsheet system that is currently used).  If they are from the previous year, user beware…

The target audience of these pages are Anchorage high school coaches, as well as some of the NSAA volunteers. Others (skiers and parents, etc.) are welcome to look.

Links to other sites of interest (not on this site)

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