How to make your Startlist

updated 11/4/2019

Broadly speaking, coaches should keep a spreadsheet (Excel format) that contains all of their skiers.  The coach can then create lists of skiers for any given race with this spreadsheet and submit it by email to the person that creates the startlists. The convention is now to submit a roster by e-mail every week.

A blank version of a sample spreadsheet, along with some documentation is posted here.  You might use it to do the initial entries for the first race.

  • Accuracy – no forgotten skiers
  • Accuracy – spelling is not changed from week to week.
  • Ease of examination of last week’s results – all of your skiers are sorted by finish time, regardless of team level
  • Ease of use – only a few clicks and no extra typing
  • Can sort by the new teams as often as wanted while building the new teams.
  • Can check teams to see that you have no duplicates or holes, with one click.
  • ‘Official’ formatting – works perfectly with the startlist system.