It’s actually pretty easy to find Sand Wash. Just take your time as the road gets rougher and rougher… And look for signs at the key intersections.

Need to find how to get somewhere? Doesn’t everyone use Google Maps? Type in Duchesne, UT and Sand Wash Launch Area (County Road 2820) and you will get your route! Basically, follow your nose, but there are a couple key turns to make:

  1. Turn off the main highway at the giant truck-stop gas station (easily seen from the highway). There is not much there except a big parking area and gas pumps. As you drive past it, you will see a Steak House restaurant.
  2. Until this point, the road is pretty nice (chip seal, etc.) Here the road steps down a level of condition in both directions. You need to turn right from the direction of travel. There has been a clear sign marking this for years. Hopefully it’s still there.
  3. At this point, the road branches into three possibilities. You want the middle one and so far, it’s been marked with a sign to Sand Wash.
  4. If you are the first one here at the put-in, our first choice for camping is down a little side road to the river. Don’t drive any further down it than seems appropriate.

Oh, and don’t believe the 1 hr 39 min for the 52.3 miles that Google suggests. It will take longer!

While we’re at it, here are some links for checking highway conditions on the way: