Some coaches have said that they have trouble receiving my emails – particularly those with gmail accounts. It could be that they are going to your spam folder. In order to assure that this does not happen, you can create a ‘filter’ that keeps it from happening. It’s not hard….

Open gmail in your browser,
1) select ‘settings’ (the little gear icon) and click on ‘See All Settings’;
2) choose ‘Filters and Blocked addresses’;
3) choose ‘create a new filter’

4) Type in email address: (or
5) Click Create Filter

6) Select ‘Never send it to Spam’
7) Click ‘Create Filter’

It should look something like this. While you are at it, why don’t you create another one for

If you want to check to see if that’s what happened:
1) Click on the ‘v More’ at the bottom of your folder list
2) Click on the Spam folder
3) Scroll through looking for the missing emails.