We drive from Bellingham to the put-in (usually a night in Seattle with our grandson and then two days, going through Salt Lake City), arriving the afternoon before the launch day. Then we usually are done de-rigging at the take-out near the town of Green River by noon on the final day. Most people who join us, also drive to meet this schedule.

When starting further away and not driving, the problem is that nothing is conveniently close. The nearest big cities are Salt Lake City to the west, Grand Junction, Colorado to the east and Las Vegas to the southwest. There is daily Greyhound service from SLC to Duschesne arriving before noon. (Greyhound) Afterwards, either Las Vegas or Grand Junction make a better connection than SLC (Greyhound)

A car rental is problematic for both the dirt road into the put-in and the use of the commercial car shuttle. It is hoped that we will have enough people driving to give rides from Duchesne to the put-in. Another possibility is to fly to the put-in with Redtail Aviation.