Too late – they’ve found a home!

Time to clean out the boat shed…

I have two vintage fiberglass boats from the earlier days of sport, whitewater boating in Alaska. And no use for them, but it seems a shame to take them to the dump. Both are watertight (I think) and nominally usable, but the fiberglass is very old and brittle. I wouldn’t paddle them anywhere I wasn’t ready to swim ashore and walk home.

Kayak – might it be the oldest fiberglass sport kayak in the state of Alaska? Built by Jack Hession and me in Fairbanks in July, 1970, it was used regularly through the 70’s and occasionally in the 80’s. It’s been hanging in the rafters ever since. 13′ 2″ long, as were all the boats back then.

On the Copper, July, 1973. (the gray tape has been patched…)

C-2 – Whitewater canoe for 2 people (with an extra center cockpit for paddling solo). This is not actually the same one that I paddled down through the Nenana Canyon (very carefully…) in 1969, but is similar and was built a few years after that in Fairbanks. It’s been in the possession of a number of Fairbanks boaters over the years.

Copper, 1973. Not exactly the same boat, but close. Paddled solo, note the two cockpits bow and stern. We didn’t take very many pictures of boats back then…

I live in Bellingham now and am driving north, arriving in Anchorage about 6/22/22. I can deliver either or both between the 23rd and 25th. The boats are in Anchorage. Otherwise, to the dump…

You can email me at or text 360-927-2054. Or message me through Facebook. I might not respond while in Canada. If you catch me by the 18th, I should be able to get right back to you.

Bonus picture – because I finally found the folder with these pictures. Pete Tryon, Meg Hayes, James Marrow, John Tryon, Bob Tsigonis, and John Saville on the Copper (Childs Glacier), July 1973. Boats: Kayak, C-2 (paddled as C-1), Single Aerius Klepper, kayak, 15 ft. Grumman with 3/4 length spray deck.

Pete Tryon