To View Macros in Excel

If you wish to inspect the macros for anything suspicious before running them, open the Visual Basic Editor with the instructions for your version of Excel shown below. Then from the window to the left, double-click on Module 1 and scroll through its window. You would not want to see commands that indicate deleting files, etc. ClearContents is appropriate - it clears cells in the spreadsheet.
Then when ready to run, follow the instructions on the previous page to Enable macros. You may have to relaunch Excel after changing the settings.

Excel 2003 - Windows and 2004 - Macintosh

From the Tools menu, select Macros / Show Visual Basic Editor. Several windows open. Double click on the 'Module 1' shown in the left window to open the code in the right.

Excel 2007 / 2010 - Windows

From the 'Developer Tab', select View Code in the Controls section. But if you don't see the Developer tab, go to the Round button, select Excel Options and click on the Popular tab. Select 'Show Developer tab in the Ribbon'.


Excel 2008 - Macs

Not supported by Microsoft.

Excel 2011 - Macs

Support has returned, but I need to sit down at one to complete these instructions.


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