Pete Tryon, Computer Teacher / Tech Collaborator in the Anchorage School District

I'm a far cry from a computer geek, but I've appreciated the power of a computer as a tool, ever since I first worked on one. After typing my girlfriend's thesis (no typos or corrections allowed) on an electric typewriter in 1976, I realized there had to be a better way. The next year, I was the first in my department to use the new word processor, QED!

With the advent of the internet, I started my first web page as a location to post the results of the high school ski races. It was a big day when we no longer had to drive downtown to deliver the results to the Daily News.

So a few of the websites that I've left scattered around:

You'd have to look pretty deep in Google to find this from 1983:

Habitat and leaf habit as determinants of growth, nutrient absorption, and nutrient use by Alaskan taiga forest species