Distance Education

I've been a classroom teacher for most of my career and have only recently become involved in distance education. I've dabbled in online lessons and have taken one complete class online (as well as one correspondence course in 1980). I currently teach Ed 673, Networking for Educators, online through the University of Alaska, Southeast Campus.

Broadly speaking, while I enjoy the direct contact with students in the classroom, I recognize the power and efficiencies of online education. For the motivated student who has a reason to go online, the classes provide an avenue for an excellent education. My particular interest lies in teaching computer programming, a subject that is not available to many high school students, given the restrictions of their home schools.

South Anchorage High School (where I currently work) is starting a new (for us) class that merges discrete mathematics with computer programming. My hope is that it will soon become a standard part of the ASD high school curriculum, but until that is possible, I am hoping to be able to teach a section of it online. Information about the class itself is posted on the SAHS website. For a motivated student, I could imagine this to be a very interesting experience; for a student just needing another math credit, I am sure that there are easier paths to follow.

This is not set up at this time. But if you would like to pursue the possibility, please contact me at tryon_peter@asdk12.org.