General Introduction - High School Ski Racing in Anchorage, Alaska

updated  12/1/2016

Broadly speaking, coaches should keep a spreadsheet that contains all of their skiers.  The coach can then create a list of his/her entries for any given race with this spreadsheet and submit it by email to the person that creates the startlists.  Information about specific races is sent by email to the group of coaches.  Please make sure that NSAA has your proper email address

Sequence of events

Well before the first race:

Before the race:
Two days before the race:
Note: The startlist cannot be created until *all* of the coaches have submitted their entries.  One coach can hold up all of the subsequent steps.  Please do not be that coach!

Note:  Let's consider that previous note again.  We've been doing electronic startlists for 30 years now.  I believe that the *volunteer* startlist creator has *never* forgotten to do the job.  Historically having a coach forget to submit entries on time has been relatively frequent.  It is a *real pain* to deal with missing entries.  *It is important to submit them on time!*

One day before the race:

Day of race:
Note: every change at this point must be handled individually several times by several people.  The automation of the timing system allows for efficient calculation and distribution of results.  Changes add greatly to these procedures.  Please limit them as much as possible.

After the race:

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