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There are many ways of getting from Alaska to Bellingham.  Ask around...

But we rented a container and had it shipped down.  Not wanting to overly commercialize this site, but we worked with a small company in Anchorage, Affordable Transportation Solutions, where Mary and JR were exceptionally helpful in assisting an inexperienced do-it-yourselfer through the necessary steps.  We would do it again (well, hopefully we won't have to, but you get the idea) in the same way with the same company. Other friends bought a container through them and are using it as a storage shed on their new 'ranch'.

A few hints of our own: get a good ramp for loading and unloading.  We rented one in Anchorage, but could not find one in Bellingham.  We ended up building one with 2 sheets of plywood and six 16'  2x4s. (two to make rails along the edges to keep the hand truck on) (lumber is cheaper in Bellingham)  It worked great!  And we used the lumber for other projects afterwards.  We had to put a platform in the system when loading in Anchorage (the 90 degree corner onto the street).  You can probably get free pallets from Lowes or Home Depot to make a big stack.

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