The first hybrid in Alaska. Anchorage Daily News article on Feb 12, 2001

It’s an adult! Over 21 years old! Way back when – when hybrid cars were brand new, we heard that there was one down at the dealers and out of curiosity, we went to take a look. Oh were our children surprised when we bought it. The first hybrid in the state of Alaska.

But we’re thinking that it is time to move on and are looking at replacing it with an all-electric car. While we recognize that the Insight is not worth a whole lot on the second-hand market, we really don’t want it to go to the scrap yard. It’s almost a ‘Historic Vehicle’!

It has 150,000 miles on it, the IMA battery was replace in 2016, it’s in good running condition (a new EGR valve and plate has cured its ‘shudder’. It’s never been in an accident and there are no dings in the body. I’ll be happy to talk to you about what is good and bad about it – and why the dealer can’t promise that it won’t need another A/F sensor replaced at some point.

While we’re in NW Washington state, we travel around western US. We might be able to deliver it to you on one of our trips.

We’re more interested in it going to an appreciative home than getting those last extra dollars out of it.

Further details:

he minimum REQUIRED text information for vehicle listings includes

  • Asking Price : $3000 – but will negotiate for the right buyer.
  • Year – 2000
  • Color – red
  • Transmission (5spd/CVT) – 5 speed.
  • Current Mileage – 150,000
  • Location – NW Washington state
  • High Voltage Battery Age/Condition – replaced IMA battery (and 12 volt batter) at 127,000 miles (2016)
  • Transmission Condition – Good condition, no trouble with downshifting.
  • Engine or IMA Codes Showing – no codes showing. Recently replaced A/F sensor.
  • Interior Condition Summary – Good condition, vacuumed, but some dog hair still present
  • Exterior Condition Summary – no body damage, black trim paint starting to flake off.
  • Radio replaced with one including CD player and USB plug