Gray skiesClimate

Not too hot, not too cold. (My mother just moved here from Las Vegas and wonders what happened to summer.  We moved from Alaska and wonder what happened to winter.)

Not too dry, not too wet. (although there are some gray, damp days during the winter)

Site with average temperatures and rainfall. OK, so you might want to travel during November - some of us actually like a little rain.sunshine

You can always check the National Weather Service

What we've found is that when it does rain - it doesn't last too long and then there's a break and a chance to go bicycling.  The rainy season also means that the water goes up in the rivers and whitewater boating turns exciting!  And from our limited experience, the summers are truly idyllic.

Pictures:  Gray whale watching, gray skies (left), Tall ships in Bellingham Bay, clear skies (right).

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