The Alaskans to Bellingham Retirement Plan

For many years, some of us have considered the 'big picture' of retirement. And some of us came up with the conclusion that we probably did not want to be living in Alaska when we turned 85. Not that we don't like, ice, snow, cold, dark, etc. (we do, really!), but that there comes a time for all good things to change and that living in a more temperate clime might be fun.

Now given that, a number of us have thought that if we were to move out of Alaska, it would be good to do it while it was still an adventure - when we were looking forward to doing some of those neat things that can be done in the lower 48, especially during months other than June, July, and August. But when it comes down to it, there are any number of places that would be perfectly good to retire to. The key to making one more special than another, would be the presence of long-term friends. So, if collectively we picked a general area and moved there, we could have a community of friends in retirement, too.

One couple of friends decided to lead the way and bought a house in the York district of Bellingham, Washington and are living part time in the house. We decided to join them and have been living in this house since November, 2012. It even has a garage large enough for some of our 'retirment equipment.' (boats! - that's neither our car nor trailer.)

We offer a widespread invitation to others of like mind to join us.  (And if you want to 'try it out', contact us - we can probably find a place to put you up for a little while.)

And if you are already in Bellingham and reading this - please get in touch.  There is likely to be a Solstice Party (near December 21), we frequently get together for Friday breakfasts, and are always looking for companions for boating, skiing, hiking, and work parties!


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