Special Equipment Pieces and Sources

Dishpans:  We use the '4-stop' wash system, as recommended by the park service.  We've used a variety of dishpans and have settled on a set of 4 metal ones.  Not only do they nest nicely, but you can also use them for heating dishwater and cooking things like noodles, 1-pot meals, and salads. We also carry a couple of lids.

Our source is the WebstaurantStore and we have had excellent service from them.
1/2 Size Standard Weight Anti-Jam Stainless Steel Steam Table / Hotel Pan - 6" Deep (Item number 4070269)
1/2 Size Slotted Steam Table / Hotel Pan Cover (Item number 4070220)
Shipping is not too expensive in the lower 48 - unfortunately it's pricey to Alaska.  (Ship to me and pick it up when driving through Bellingham :)

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