Bus Service between Las Vegas (McCarran) Airport and Boulder City, Nevada

This page was written July 2008 and is based on limited research and one trip. Your experiences may differ.

Transportation options between the Las Vegas airport and Boulder City by anything other than private vehicle are very limited. I have been told that you can take a taxi from the airport to BC for somewhere between $50 and $75. I have also been told that it is possible to have one pick you up in BC for the return trip, but I have also heard that the pickup can be quite unreliable and you might not get the ride when you need it.

Las Vegas has an extensive municipal bus service (the RTC - Regional Transportation Commission) that includes bus service to Boulder City. I took the bus to the airport and was quite pleased by the experience. A few notes:

I will do this again, with two caveats - you should have a manageable amount of luggage, a quantity that you are ready to carry 100 yards and lift into a bus seat. You should be ready to spend about 2 hours for the trip.

Visit the RTC web site and check current schedules. The Transit Trip Planner should be able to come up with current suggestions for the time of travel that you want. There appear to be two routes. Note that the links on this page will give you pdf files showing complete schedules and maps for the routes of interest.

1) 108 takes you downtown to the main transit center where you transfer to 402 which runs out to Boulder City. This takes a little over 2 hours.

2) 109 is a short hop to the S Strip Transit Terminal near the airport, 212 takes you down Sunset, and you can transfer at the Galleria Mall to 402 which runs out to Boulder City. If you make the connections, this should be well under 2 hours. I believe that connections work well at some times of the day, but not so well at other times. (A search at another time suggested 217, going down Warm Springs for the connector)

The bus stop at the airport is on the '0' level. From the baggage area, go all the way down and out by the limousines. There is a modest covered shelter with benches and a bus stop sign showing route numbers 108 and 109. The price is $2.50. When you get on, ask for a 24-hour pass. You will get a card with a magnetic stripe on it that you can 'swipe' when you transfer to another bus. The fare boxes accept bills and coins, including nickels and dimes.

As you approach the S Strip Transit Terminal, you will see bus stops that have 212 and 108 on the signs. While you could get off and switch here, you don't want to (although with a lot of luggage, I suppose you could avoid carrying it by doing this). Continue on to the large, obvious, transit terminal. You will be let off on one side of the terminal and need to walk to the other side to get on the appropriate bus.

There are two stops at the Galleria Mall. You want the west-most one (Stephanie Ave) in that it is a 'Timepoint'. Specifically, when inbound from Boulder City, the 212 bus might be waiting for you at this stop, even though you would miss it if you got off at the stop before.

When leaving Boulder City, don't panic if the bus is a few minutes late. It appears that if they think they can make up the time, they might stop for a cold drink from the 7-11 at the turn-around spot. Speaking of which, the buses are air-conditioned, very comfortable, and the drivers are very helpful.

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